Changing Rooms

Carol Laidler, Pat Jamieson sound installation at Cleveland Pools, Bath Spa part of Primordial Soup for FringeArtsBath 2017

Primordial waters escaping
from earth’s deep mantel
the diminishing wake of past
rolling under turbulent waves
in the vast ocean
a gradual
The history of water
holds in solution
what has been done
by whom to whom
at whose behest
and why

This is what came down the river
This is what was thrown away
Babies in the Bath water
dipping amongst the stinking offal
Ladies and gentlemen
turn your sweet noses away
Brunel’s trains
and Darwin’s thoughts
transport the fittest survivors
seaward bound
in search of new pursuits
Changing rooms
and navigating
from land to water
a curious reverse
of the evolutionary process
plunging in the pleasure pools
feeding the perpetual desire
for earthly happiness

Changing Rooms (excerpt)